Teach Yourself To Sleep

10th June 2021


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The fall-out from not getting enough quality sleep is harsh – from exhaustion to a depressed immune system and long-term health risks – but what can we do to turn this around, if our sleep-wake cycle is in chaos? Kate Mikhail’s first-person account of how she tackled her chronic insomnia, is an evidence-based book that brings sleep science to life. From NASA light science to how to tune into your body and sleep, ‘Teach Yourself to Sleep’ is backed up by extensive research and exclusive interviews with many leading doctors, scientists, experts and academics – to help you understand sleep like never before and how you can give yourself the best sleep possible. ‘Teach Yourself to Sleep’ takes a thought-provoking and accessible look at the science and biology of sleep, opening up a new way of looking at sleep issues in a much wider context.