On the Road by James Naughtie Signed Copies

20th January 2021


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James Naughtie, the acclaimed author and BBC broadcaster, brings his unique and inquisitive eye to the country that has fascinated him for half a century. In looking at America, from Presidents Nixon through to Biden, he tells the story of a country that is grappling with a dream. Drawing on his travels over forty years the bookis filled with anecdotes and memories, reflecting Naughtie’s characteristic warmth and enthusiasm in encountering the America of Washington, of Broadway, of the small town and the plains. This is a story filled with the people he has watched on every presidential campaign from the late 1970s to the victory of Joe Biden in 2020.

This edition is fully updated to include Naughtie’s fascinating insights on the controversial presidential election battle in 2020 between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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