Hope for Tomorrow

21st July 2022


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It is 1940 and, as the Battle of Britain takes to the air, Hope Stapleford is recruited to join the Special Operations Executive. On her way to Scotland, she is pulled from a train and driven to spymaster Fitzroy’s stately home. She is his intelligence operative and he wants to send her to a Scottish airfield where Harvey is already stationed undercover as a mechanic. At the airbase, Hope and Harvey find a community in turmoil. Pilots talk of strange sightings in the air and local mechanics report mysterious scratches appearing on the wings and fuselage of the aircraft. Is this a case of homegrown sabotage or something more sinister? And why has Cole, an old colleague of Fitzroy’s, suddenly appeared? Glowing orbs, grieving mothers and the legacy of dead German pilots are only some of the challenges Hope must face to complete her latest mission.

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