Real self-care

23rd February 2023


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Self-care has become a staple in women’s lives. From juice cleanses to yoga workshops to luxury bamboo sheets, we are sold breezy fixes in pastel-coloured packages, and then made to feel at fault when they don’t work, like there is something wrong with us. But we are not broken: the game is rigged against us. And if we set aside those activities that don’t serve us, we can all reconnect with ourselves and become agents of change in our lives. In ‘Real Self-Care’, psychiatrist and women’s mental health specialist Dr Pooja Lakshmin will help you understand what a real and sustainable practice of caring for yourself looks like. Using case studies, clinical research and actionable strategies to deal with common problems, this book will help you set boundaries and move past guilt, treat yourself with compassion, live a life aligned with your values and assert your power.