Football Leaks

6th June 2019


In 2016, a whistleblower known only as ‘John’ leaked 18.6 million confidential documents to German weekly Der Spiegel. This treasure trove uncovers the shadowy dealings of clubs, players and agents at the highest echelons of international football. And the story it tells is astonishing. In ‘Football Leaks’, Spiegel journalists Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger reveal the explosive secrets they uncovered in these data. From the eye-popping contracts of players such as Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Ozil to the exorbitant fees of super-agents, and from third-party ownership to opaque tax structures, this is a tale rife with greed, loopholes and corruption. At the same time, it is the gripping story of a whistleblower who wanted to liberate football from its Mafia structures – and now finds himself on the run.