Tokachi Millennium Forest: Pioneering a New Way of Gardening with Nature

27th August 2020


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Twenty years ago, Dan Pearson was invited to make a garden at the 240-hectare Tokachi Millennium Forest in Hokkaido, Japan. Part of the intention was to entice city dwellers to reconnect with nature and improve a piece of land that had been lost to intensive agriculture and this was achieved along with much more. By tuning into the physical and cultural essence of the place and applying a light touch in terms of cultivation this world-class designer created a remarkable place which has its heart in Japan’s long-held reverence for nature and its head in contemporary ecological planting design. This beautiful, instructive book allows us all to experience something of the Tokachi effect, gain expert insights into how to plant gardens that feel right for their location, and reconnect with the land and wildlife that surround us.