Tall Tales

25th March 2020


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There’s Derek a successful solicitor who has the bad idea of asking all his friends and colleagues to give him a detailed picture of everything they admire or dislike about him. There’s Greta, a stunning Swedish Divorcee — all vivacity and charm on the surface, but hiding a deep longing. For fun and the challenge, she sets out to captivate Horace a recluse who runs a mile from all adult company. There are Brian and Marcia who pop in an out of the stories, and in and out of bed not always with each other. There are Marcus and Julia who inherited a fortune and a mansion from a long dead jam Tycoon. There’s unlucky Jim, once the toast of London’s advertising creatives, who has slid down the slippery wine sodden slope to begging for freelance work in Cheltenham. There’s a remarkable car, which could just save Ian’s failing business if he plays his cards right – or wrong. There’s Daphne, a lovely widow who catches Brian’s ever roving eye. A

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