London sketchbook

1st June 2023


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No other large city is more rewarding to wander around, with a wealth of interesting things to see, both grand and intimate in scale. Watercolor painter Graham Byfield set out to capture the essence of the place, and his impressions are recorded in the London Sketchbook Britain’s capital is varied and cosmopolitan. It has no formally planned centre; each area has its own particular style and atmosphere. Central London is the setting for parliament, royal palaces, formal squares and grand hotels. The City is the financial district, but it is also rich in architecture, including Sir Christopher Wren’s greatest work. Much was destroyed here in the Second World War; but the City has seen a flowering of daring and innovative modern architecture, contrasting with the sober mass of the Tower of London, parts of it nearly a thousand years old. Byfield savours the village-like atmosphere of Hampstead and Islington to the north, and the 19th-cent

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